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Имплантация зубов all-on-4

You ask why there are so many types of teeth implants?

And what is ALL ON 4?So let’s figure out what is implant. It’s a small (usually titanium) screw-like-thing which is surgically inserts into the jawbone in place of a missing tooth and on which dentist fixes on a ceramic crown. Now what if you have more teeth missing? Multiply the above description on four and you’ll understand the ALL ON 4 implantation method.You will need only 4 implants in the lower or upper jaw as basic anchors instead of using the implant for every tooth and orthodontist will fix the prosthesis on them. ALL ON 4 price depends on materials and quantity of artificial teeth needed, plus work and additional experiences. Classical ALL ON 4 includes full-ceramic prosthesis on titanium framework. In Russia it will cost you around 350000-500000₽ (less than 10000$) while in the USA, Canada, Germany etc you will have to pay up to 35000$. Expensive, huh? It’s very important to take into consideration all the advantages of ALL ON 4 method and chose the right dentist letting him/her lead you through all the stages of treatment. And our specialist Taran G.V. guarantees the best result. Advantages.

  • -full restoration of dental functions
  • -only 4 implants (2 front vertical and 2 on 45 degrees angle)
  • -possible to start using dentures right after the surgery
  • -no bone grafting
  • ALL ON 4 operation procedure.

    Most people afraid of implantation because they don’t know what to expect. Here we’ll try to give step-by-step description of ALL ON 4 operation procedure. First of all dentist use local or general anesthesia for patient’s comfort during the surgery. Second, dentist surgeon extracts all teeth and start the implantation. Than Insert 2 titanium screw implants into the front jawline bone and 2 in the back. That technique provide even strength distribution of dentures on anchors. After the implants are inserted surgeon sutures the incisions.

    Recovery time.

    Patient starts to use ALL ON 4 NobleBiocare denture right after the operation. But it takes time (3 to 8 months) for implants to fully integrate into the jawbone.

    The D-Day precautions.

    Bleeding during the first hours after the surgery will be stopped by gauze pads. Patient will have to bite them down and change them every 30-45 minutes. Try not to touch or rinse the stitches. Definitely, no smoking allowed. It’s very important to keep oral cavity clean. Dentist will prescribe medical cleansing rinse to reduce bacterial load and fasten the healing. In 4 hours after the operation of the bleeding is minimal patient’s allowed to rinse the mouth with salt water. Mix 1 table spoon of salt and 250 ml of water and wash mouth carefully. Repeat procedure 3-4 times a day.

    First days after the implantation.

    Patient have to rest a lot. Strictly prohibited to bend down, to pick up heavy things, to do smth inappropriate-otherwise this actions may cause bleeding and swelling. Try to make everything slow - standing up, walking around, definitely no sport activities allowed for 3-4 days. Otherwise dizziness may cause discomfort. Also remember to take painkillers and eat soft food to fasten the recovery period.

    Swelling after implantation.

    This is an inevitable process and it will culminate 2-3 days after the surgery. Use ice compress during the following 24 hours after the implantation to control swelling.(attach the cold compress for 15 minutes maximum) Dentist may also prescribe medications and give an injection.

    Pain after the operation (Postsurgical pain).

    Unfortunately this is also inevitable. Dentist will give you painkillers course. Dentist Consideration necessary.
    Postsurgical diet. You can eat everything while it’s comfortable for your gums. Better to avoid solid food, sweets, hot food, chewy food. Eat liquid and mashed food. It’s very important for the recovery to eat healthy products.
    Nausea. You may feel it because of the amount of blood you swallowed or medication. Drink some sparkling water (sugar free soda, mineral water). Contact your dentist.
    Bruises. It’s usual 2-3 days after the surgery to see blackish, greenish or yellowish marks around surgical areas.
    Discomfort. If you have Sharp unpleasant feeling inside your mouth immediately contact your dentist. It may be dislocation of bone walls which supported the teeth and little pieces of them may grow (stuck) through the gum.
    Dry lips. It’s normal for the first postoperation days. Use lip balm or moisturizer.
    Face and jaw muscle pain. Discomfort of jaw movements may occur due to Postsurgical muscle stiffness. Gradually and slowly open mouth to stretch muscles. But first contact your dentist on following symptoms.

    ALL ON 4 Common issues.

    Surgery complications such as infection, postponed healing and bleeding may occur. Evidently dentist will try to avoid risks but sometimes unexpected things happen. Make sure your dentist is aware of every compilation and change. In very rare cases implants do not integrate with the jawbone. Orthodontist will have to remove them, heal damaged areas and insert new ones. Take care of your gums, keep dentures clean and regularly visit your dentist to minimize failure implantation.

    ALL ON 4 feedback.

    In most cases patients choosing ALL ON 4 are happy. We use Noble Biocare only because they’re the founders of this concept and guarantee a lifetime warranty. Ask your orthodontist to meet you with this system.
    -I love Noble...said our parent.
    -Implantation is fast and almost painless, feels like your own natural teeth. Patients leaving our clinic are happy with ALL ON 4 choice. They even forget about implants in time. It’s always a pleasure when patients come back only to say “thank you” and boast about their wellbeing.

    The cheapest ALL ON 4 implants.

    Have you heard of “dental surfing”? We offer this program, so you have a chance to visit other country and save money on ALL ON 4 implantation process.
    Russian specialists offer chipper approach to the Noble Biocare methods. Here in Krasnodar, Russia we provide best service for the best price. Future patient should know that the surgery is not the matter of one day. It may last up to few months to prepare your cavity, remove unhealthy teeth, make gums’ treatment and sanitation of infected areas, making of temporary mock ups, making of ALL ON 4 fixed bridge and specifically making of permanent dentures, etc.

    Стоимость имплантации зубов в Краснодаре

    Dental implantation cost

    Noble Biocare implant installation (Swiss)876 $
    Paltop implant installation (Israel)657 $
    Standard implant abutment installation (straightforward)95 $
    Standard implant abutment installation (with gum incision)124 $
    Temporary implant crown/mini-implant 467 $

    Diagnostic cost

    Dentist implantologist: Taran German Valentinovich
    Initial appointment (examination, consultation) 43 $
    Secondary appointment (discussion and consideration of the plan of implantation and prosthetics)21 $
    Delicious coffee during the consultation free
    Bright smile priceless
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