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Dental implant


For many years Medical center SMILE CLINIC specializes in dental implantation and denture, providing our clients with beautiful, confident, pearl-white smile. More than 200 successful surgeries confirm that our specialists are trustworthy and reliable and can offer wide range of different clinical options. We guaranty individual approach. Doctors take in to consideration all wishes of their patients and that is the key to the best results of teeth restoration.

Our moto - from roots to teeth.

  • Our dental surgeons and technicians will help you no matter what problem bothers you. If it is a singular absence of a tooth they can provide aesthetically appealing dental restoration or organize full manufacture of a removable dental prostheses.
  • Dentures on various types of therapeutic purposes available. Consultation needed because our specialists will lead you to the best implant solution, by means of individual measurements and explanation of what option is the best for you and why, unveil the types of abutments and explain all therapeutic advantages of either type. Supervision on all stages of treatment. CAD/CAM options available.
  • Positive feedback on Functional and aesthetic results of all our surgeries are the embodiment of a long term experience.

Aesthetic implantation example:

  • Patient “S” came to our clinic with a complain on sensitivity of old dental prosthesis, inaccuracy of size and length in the “smile zone” (explained by pathological wear off grinding of teeth due to incorrect occlusion), food stuck between the teeth and as a result - bad breath. Patient “S” wanted to look younger and not feel ashamed of her smile.
implantation example 1 implantation example 2 implantation example 3 implantation example 4

First steps:

  • Beforehand Dentist made a complete sanitation of oral cavity, full rehabilitation of infected areas, removed few false teeth because of the decay in between the crown and abutment, removed it and filled in the cavities.
removal of a tooth реставрация зуба

Suggestions of treatment:

  • Patient “S” was offered few variations of replacement. Bridges and implants.
    She chose single implants and veneers took in consideration all advice. NobleBiocareSystem was chosen because of its unique consent based on preservation of connective tissue structure, maintenance of full restorative and surgical flexibility and lifetime warranty.
future implant location после имплантации

Secret tips:

  • Dental Technician creates a mock up of a necessary jawbone part and then specialist transfers the result on to the patient’s teeth. This method gives the opportunity to experiment and then make mock up according to the patient’s references, taking in to consideration all aesthetic features and comfort of wearing. Ceramic veneers are made after the adaptation period.
preliminary stage of dental prosthetics on the implant прототип работы

Dissection and mock-ups.

  • Ceramic veneers are made after the adaptation period. Then it’s time for the dissection of teeth and setting of final mock-ups. On this stage it’s very important to save most of the teeth natural enamel and grind not more then 0,3 mm keeping the teeth alive.
minimal tooth preparation minimal tooth preparation 2 minimal tooth preparation 3 the removal of casts from teeth - top the removal of casts from teeth - bottom

Fabrication of ceramic veneers/mockups.

  • Now dental technician fabricate final ceramic variant of the mockups/veneers (E-max press). Application usually requires 2 visits and if fitting went well, final variant is made. Fabrication may take from 1 to 2 weeks.
result of work - top result of work - bottom final restorations of pressed ceramics close up final restorations of pressed ceramics close up 1

Результат протезирования на имплантате

  • После примерки мы зафиксировали реставрации в полости рта ( фиксация виниров произведена два визита по 8 часов) Результат превзошел все ожидания Пациентки "С" : " Я бы и не подумала, что улыбка так сильно меняет внешность, стала себя чувствовать и ощущать моложе и чаще улыбаться.. "
The result of prosthetics on the implant The result of prosthetics on the implant 1 The result of prosthetics on the implant 3 The result of prosthetics on the implant 4 The result of prosthetics on the implant 5 The result of prosthetics on the implant 6

Dental implantation cost

    И так, распишем стоимость произведенной работы в разбивке по манипуляциям:
    -Noble Biocare implant installation (Swiss) 799 $
    -standard implant abutment installation 123 $
    - Пластика десны - 217 $
    - Коронка компании NobelProcera (1 ед) - 799 $
    - Керамические финиры (1 ед) - 540 $

    "Лучшее время, чтобы спасти здоровье зубов, было давно.
    Следующее лучшее время - сегодня"

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