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What’s sinus lifting?

Этапы операции синус-лифтинга

It’s a ridge augmentation procedure increasing the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla/upper jawbone in the molar or premolar area by means of lifting the sinus membrane and placing a bone graft. Surgery is made by a certified orthodontist.

Reasoning for sinus lift.

Sinus lift usually made when patient has a lack of bone material for the implantation. Implants integrate into the jawbone naturally which is called osseointegration. But for the process you need to have certain width of a bone. So the reasons for the surgery on maxillary sinus are:

  • jawbone injuries or previous teeth extraction trauma
  • former removal of cyst/sinus tumor resection
  • bone loss due to periodontitis
  • bone loss due to tooth extraction (3-6 months tooth absence leads to 40-60 % jawbone resorption)
  • natural large sinus cavity or thin jawbone

    In very rare cases of molar/premolar implantation bone grafting is needed. For consultation call 8-861-201-88-86

  • Stages of sinus lift surgery

  • Preparing.
  • First, dentist consult you on your problems and demands by means of dental X-ray or CT scan to assess current jaw condition and see if the sinus lift is needed. Bone material if required can be withdrawn from your femur or hip, made of cow bones or synthetic materials. All the materials are safe and sterile.

  • Surgery
  • There are few methods of operation. They all start with the gum incision to get to the bone. Make a dissection in the jawbone, extract a “window” from a bone, lift the membrane and fill in the grafting material into the sinus. Than stitch up everything back together. Main risk is membrane rapture or piercing. In all cases of an operation malfunction problem is easily fixed.

  • Dentist Consultations
  • Your dentist will regularly check on your condition of recovery after the grafting. Swelling, nose or mouth bleeding, general oral discomfort are usual after the operation. But usually there are no complaints from patients. On every complication it’s better to contact your dentist. There is a risk of infection but dentist will give you medical prescription and recommendations. Be careful to sneeze and cough it may lead to deformation of the graft material, implants displacement and failure of sutures. If you have an allergy your operation will be set on the right time of the year. Results of healing will be visible in 7-10 days after the surgery. So make sure to visit your dentist on time to remove the stitches or to check if they are went down properly. Be ready for few more visitations.

    Implantation after sinus lift

    It takes 4 to 9 months for grafting material to set in the cavity and be ready for the implantation. The exact healing period depends on the type of materials. It’s possible to insert implants and fix dentures right after the sinus lift concurrently without waiting. It’s safe enough and depends on the choice of patient and technical facilities of clinic. You would probably want to shorten the whole procedure period by fixing the dentures right away but ask advice of your dentist first.

    Expenses for sinus lift

    Orthodontist usually charge 25 to 50 thousand rubles. It includes all additional expenses depending on the complexity of work and amount of grafting materials required. Check on other offers in your neighborhood. Make sure they include diagnostics and preparation work on bone grafting/sinus lift.

    Cut corners

    Monitor the prices in different dentistries. Not every dentist can perform this surgery. But the variety of prices is huge due to diversity of methods.

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